Cheryl L.

Cheryl has been on quite the journey over the past year. The progress she has made both physically and mentally is something that we can all learn from. She is a shining example of the power of taking action.

“Joining Landmark CrossFit in August 2018 not only changed my life’s trajectory, it’s safe to say it saved my life.  On July 31st, 2018 I was scheduled for an orientation session at the Weight Management Clinic at the Ottawa Hospital to choose between a 12 week, 800 calorie a day liquid diet or bariatric surgery. The referral from my doctor came after years of declining health and increasing weight. I was on antidepressants, pre-diabetic, my blood pressure was 148/110, my resting heart rate was 98 and I weighed (gulp) 344lbs. I had zero energy and got out of breath walking up the stairs in my house. Maybe the worst, was debilitating migraines four to five days a week. They were affecting my ability to work and I rarely left the house. I felt like I had tried everything possible to get my health and weight under control and was out of options. I was a heart attack waiting to happen and knew in my heart I wasn’t going to live to 60. Basically, I had hit rock bottom. Scared and uncertain, I spent the weekend alternating between pacing my living room and watching Netflix. A cousin had introduced me to the CrossFit Games movies a few months before and I found myself watching them over and over again that weekend. I was fascinated by the continuing message of using CrossFit to prepare you for anything you may come across in day-to-day life. Of course the CrossFit Games are this to the extreme, but the message resonated.” – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Tara L.

Tara is the definition of hard work and dedication. Since starting CrossFit and the nutrition program with us in 2016, her progress has been unbelievable. She is truly inspiring to all of us.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have gone through cycles of gaining weight and losing some but always gaining it back plus more. A year ago after being frustrated with my performance in the gym I decided to try the nutritional program at Landmark CrossFit. I felt like I needed guidance to achieve the goals I had in mind. I wanted to lose weight, maintain/gain strength and improve my gymnastic skills (pull-ups, toes-to-bar, etc) which I have always struggled with. I had already been doing CrossFit for a while but decided I needed help with my nutrition as I was getting nowhere on my own, still making the wrong choices and not controlling my stressful eating.

I had trouble sleeping and would be tired by mid-day. The nutritional program at Landmark CrossFit changed everything for me. With individual coaching that is specific to your needs as well as the accountability that it brings, I believe it is the best solution for anyone regardless of what your trying to achieve. You meet with a coach at least once a week to check on your progress and discuss any concerns or troubles you may be having. You set goals for yourself and always have someone on your side making sure you are staying on track. I would not have accomplished what I have over the last year without the help of the coaches at Landmark CrossFit.

I have lost just over 70lbs and gone from a tight size 18 (probably more like a 20) to a size 12. Before I had trouble with knee raises but can now do single toes-to-bar. I had to use thick resistance bands to do kipping pull-ups but can now do them unassisted. My endurance has also greatly improved! I used to struggle to finish workouts but now I can finish most within the time cap. These are only some of the changes that have occurred. I also have much more confidence in myself both in the gym and outside the gym.

Not only has the nutritional program been a huge help but the atmosphere and the coaching provided at Landmark CrossFit has greatly impacted my success. The people that surround you are nothing but supportive. I still have a way to go and things I want to achieve but I know with the help of my Landmark CrossFit Family I will be able to achieve anything I put my mind to.”

Chris B.

Chris has been with us since 2016 and has made leaps and bounds in many aspects of his life. Not only has his health improved significantly, he’s the leanest he’s been in over a decade!

“When I first joined I was a suburban guy, overweight, back pain, high blood pressure, mid/late 30s, taking prescription heart burn medication and not exactly looking forward to positive health outcomes. Fast forward 9 months and I have lost 30lbs of fat, gained muscle, no longer taking prescription stomach meds (or any meds for that matter!), my back is stronger than ever and pain free and, for the first time in 5 years, my doctor has confirmed that I have normal blood pressure.

People are constantly asking me what I’m doing because of the changes they are seeing in my body and in my energy levels. I am no longer high risk for a host of health problems and can say quite literally that Landmark CrossFit has added years to my life.”

Suzanne S.

Suzanne is kind of a big deal. She ran 7 marathons on 7 different continents! She started doing CrossFit with us in August 2017 and has been making huge improvements since. She recently told us that she hadn’t been running for a while but decided to go for a 5km a few weeks after CrossFit. She surprised herself when she beat her old personal record!

“I’ve been a runner for almost 12 years now. After becoming the 13th woman in Canada to run 7 marathons on 7 continents last spring, I was looking for a good way to keep my fitness level up while giving my leg muscles a break from running. I discovered Landmark CrossFit this summer, where I now attend classes twice a week. CrossFit is a perfect combination of cardio and strength training and is already improving my performance during my runs.”

Benjamin C.

Ben is one of our competitive athletes and is one of the hardest workers we know. He comes from a high level wrestling background and has recently transitioned to CrossFit as his competitive sport.

“Some of the best things that happen to us in life are the things we accidentally stumble upon. One event in my life that I have overwhelming gratitude for is stumbling upon CrossFit. I’ve wrestled since 8th grade. I always dreamed of becoming an Olympian and saw that as the ultimate end goal in order to walk away with a grin on my face.

When I first started CrossFit, I just wanted get in better shape for wrestling, never thinking of doing CrossFit competitively or one day go to the Games. As the months went by, I found myself having endless anticipation to go do the next WOD rather than going to wrestling practice.

Last May, I was supposed to go back to Winnipeg to continue my academic studies and wrestling career. Surprisingly my team’s funding was cut, leaving me pondering which school to go to continue wrestling. A thought then occurred to me that I at first suppressed: stay in Ottawa and do CrossFit competitively. As each day passed, the idea grew on me, leading me to the decision of me following through with this new and exciting adventure.

The thing was, beginning a new sport means starting all over again. I had gone so far in wrestling – it was hard to step away. I may not have originally had the knowledge about CrossFit but I possessed traits, life lessons and knowledge from wrestling that I could apply to CrossFit. One of the hardest things to develop and one of the most important ingredients to a recipe for success is an extremely hardworking mentality. Developing a strong mentality is one of the most undervalued and overlooked thing that you need to be a successful athlete. Very few put time into goal setting, detailed visualization and a concrete pre-competition routine. The point is, training your mind is as important, if not more important than training your physical attributes. This is what will carry me to now achieve my new goal of going to the CrossFit Games.”

Heather K.

Heather started her CrossFit journey with us in 2017 with her daughter and is a regular at 6am. She went from barely being able to do a bodyweight squat to back squatting over 100lb! Notably, she’s noticed significant changes in her everyday life and is proud to take part in the physical work required at her hobby farm!

“I do CrossFit – something I never thought I would be telling people but I’m proud to call myself a member at Landmark CrossFit! My daughter, Mandy, and son, Mark, convinced me to give CrossFit a try and sure enough I fell in love with it. During my first class, I fell all over the place struggling with the warm up and a simple air squat. I could see the look on my poor daughter’s face saying, “Mom, are you ok?”. I couldn’t feel my legs after Coach Val made me do a gazillion squats. I could barely lift my foot off the ground to do a step up without my other leg giving out.

On the drive home from my first class, I was ecstatic! I loved it. The people I met that morning were total strangers; even so, they gave me encouragement and most importantly, fist bumps! My daughter and I couldn’t stop talking about the experience on the whole drive; how wonderful to share this with her.

I expected to be sore the next day, but oh my gosh did my body ache. I could not get out of bed. Thank God I only had 3 steps up to get into the front door of the house. The burn was so empowering but I knew I had earned it!  In no time, I was attending class 4-5 times a week with the 6am crew!  What a beautiful bunch of people!

I’ve noticed huge changes in my everyday life. I wasn’t much help at our hobby farm because I didn’t have the strength or endurance but that changed shortly after joining Landmark. Fast forward to 6 months into CrossFit, I am carrying multiple 50lb – 100lb bags of feed, bales of hay and whatever else comes along! Did I mention I am 59 years old and have never regularly exercised in my life! It’s my one year anniversary in April 2018!

The coaches and community at Landmark have had such a huge impact on my life not just physically but mentally.  Thank you to my husband, Hans, for being supportive and listening to Mandy and I ramble on about the class, Mark for encouraging me to try CrossFit, Mandy for going with me, and the 6am zombie crew for all their encouragement and friendship. Last, but not least, I’d like to thank Val, Rob, and Terry for their coaching.”

Jasmine B.

Jasmine, our Nutrition Coach, started her CrossFit journey with us in 2016. Although her shoulder mobility continues to be something she works on, she is dedicated to improving her fitness one step at a time.

“When I started CrossFit I thought that my lack of strength was going to be my most limiting ability. Little did I know that mobility was actually the biggest obstacle I would face. It didn’t take long for the coaches to notice that the range of motion in my shoulders was VERY limited. I couldn’t do anything that required an overhead position. I would also later learn that my spine was stiff and my flexibility was lacking there as well.

Rob showed me some stretches and exercises and also told me about a Registered Massage Therapist that he thought might be able to help, Danny Laramee. I saw Danny right away and immediately saw improvement in my tightness and mobility. But the improvement was minuscule. Danny said it would be like water on stone, it was going to take time and A LOT of work to get my shoulders where I wanted them to be. So, I got to work! I went into the gym early or stayed late almost every day and did the exercises that Rob and Danny had showed me. It’s taken A LONG time and A LOT of work, but I can snatch and overhead squat, which I honestly thought I would never be able to do. I’ve also rid myself of tension headaches which were a common occurrence. I still have a lot work to do, but I’ve come a long way. I’ve also learned that flexibility is just as important as strength if you want to keep up with the amazing people at our box.”

Kaili D.

Kaili joined us in the fall of 2017 and continues to make progress everyday. She refuses to let her shoulder mobility get in the way of her workouts. She shows up and gives it her all!

“I did not realize that I had shoulder mobility issues until I started coming to CrossFit, because my previous gym had little to no coaching/supervision. This was frustrating at first, as I was very limited in the movements that I could do, but over time I realized that with mobility comes strength and I decided to go and see Danny Laramee, an RMT and former strength coach, who was highly recommended by Coach Rob.

Going to see Danny has not only improved the mobility in my shoulders, but my overall confidence in the gym. I can do a lot more movements with ease. Once my form and technique improves, I can begin to focus on strength, which is something I am looking forward to.

While I am not yet at 100%, I know how far I’ve come in only a matter of months, and I’m thankful for the help I have received.

Physio has taught me a lot about patience, because the process can be slow at times – but I am now able to work on other weaknesses of mine, and know that one day I’ll look back and see how much I’ve improved and progressed. I’ve learned that being able to appreciate the journey, and the ups and downs that may come with it are integral to success, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Erik C.

Erik started his CrossFit journey with us in 2016 and he hasn’t looked back since. While trying to fill the void after his competitive hockey days, he discovered CrossFit did much more than that.

“My life has always revolved around athletics for as long as I can remember. From a young age, I grew up playing competitive hockey and soccer. Once I was old enough, I was drafted and then transitioned to playing Junior A hockey in the Ottawa area for five years. Playing Junior hockey, in turn, helped me reach my goal of receiving an athletic scholarship to play NCAA hockey in Colchester, Vermont at Saint Michael’s College. After my four years playing college hockey, and bouncing around a handful of different minor pro training camps, I decided I wasn’t getting any younger and it was time to focus on life after hockey.

I was happy with my decision to become an elementary school teacher, but something was missing. Everything that I had been missing in my life since I made the decision not to pursue a career playing hockey felt like it had returned to me when I finally made the decision to try a class at Landmark CrossFit. That void I had been feeling was no longer there for me. After spending the better part of my life being exposed to living a certain lifestyle and having those daily routines –  going to the arena/gym on a daily basis to train and practice with my teammates, being surrounded by a sense of community, having the ability to be able to challenge and push myself and my teammates physically and mentally, holding each other accountable, being responsible with what I put into my body, and more – are all I knew and without them something didn’t feel right. Well, I feel all of those things again being a part of the Landmark CrossFit family – and so much more. I feel as though I am an athlete at heart and I feel more whole again as most of the things I was so used to in my life have returned to me.

The community is second to none at Landmark. I truly get the sense that everyone here cares about and wants each other to succeed in their own personal journeys – we are all working toward a goal of health and wellness. We push each other everyday to be the best version of ourselves and I love that about CrossFit and Landmark CrossFit specifically!

Over my years playing Junior and college hockey, I have worked with many well respected trainers and nutritionists (NHL, NCAA and Minor Professional) and alongside many elite athletes. I can honestly say that the attention to detail that the coaches at Landmark give to us and the pride they take in their craft is second to none. I have learned more about my body than I had in the past and I look forward to getting to the box everyday to try and be better. I continue to grow not only in my physical fitness, but also as a person each and every time I step into the box. Socially, I am not the most comfortable person, and being able to feel accepted by everyone and have interactions with everyone on a daily basis is a really good feeling, especially when the atmosphere is so positive. You instantly have a group of people you feel close to.

I am thankful for my CrossFit family and can’t see a future for myself without CrossFit. I look forward to being a good role model for not only my son as he gets older, but also for my students that I teach every year, in helping them to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I also look forward to continuing to grow as a CrossFit athlete and person each and everyday I step into the box and what the future may have in store for me if I continue along this journey. The only thing I regret so far about my CrossFit journey is not trying it sooner.”

John B.

John started CrossFit with us in the fall of 2017 after he decided to prioritize his health. Since joining, he has improved his fitness and overall mobility. John also took the initiative to clean up his diet and lost over 20lb. He is proud to set a great example for his kids in showing them the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“After watching my weight go in the wrong direction and feeling my energy levels diminish, I felt it was finally time to do something about it. I was originally reluctant to join CrossFit. Other than competitive sports, I had always worked out on my own and was comfortable with my routine. Fear of the unknown was my biggest obstacle. My wife, Karen, who is also a current Landmark member, had suggested that we look into CrossFit numerous times over the years but I always found a reason as to why it wasn’t a good idea for me. There was an at home workout that I wanted to try and I felt that I didn’t need a coach because of my sports background. We also have three young children so I just didn’t think that I had the time. The problem was that although the at home workouts got me moving for a short time, the DVDs got boring and repetitive and my motivation dwindled. If I did workout, I wouldn’t consistently push myself hard enough to make any serious improvement. After Karen told me she was going to sign up with or without me, I decided I’d join with her for one month and give it a try.

I was comfortable in a regular gym setting but this was different. No mirrors, no egos, no people sitting around on machines texting. Just a group of people who were there to get a good workout in, push themselves, and be supportive of one another. It was difficult to admit, but I was in worse shape than I thought. The first week was hard and I was really sore… but I kept going back because I had decided that it was finally time to get fit.

I have now been doing CrossFit for seven months with a personal goal of going a minimum of four times per week. It challenges me daily, but I have made some health and fitness progressions that I didn’t think were possible. I have had bad knees from many previous sports injuries that were severely limiting my mobility. With Rob and Val’s coaching and modifications to exercises early on, I now have the best knee mobility and strength that I have had in 20 years. I am no longer concerned with knee issues in my daily life which is shocking to me after all this time. Athletically, I am doing things again that I thought were out of reach at this stage in my life. I guess I did need some coaching!

I have made dietary changes with an emphasis on avoiding prepared foods and limiting carbs. This, in addition to the exercise, has greatly increased my energy levels. I have achieved my initial goal of losing 20lb and I am now focused on getting better at certain exercises and improving my overall fitness. CrossFit has helped me in so many ways that it would be difficult to list them all. One that I feel is worth mentioning is the example that we are setting for our three children. We have always tried to teach them how important exercise and a healthy diet are; now we consistently model this in our daily lives.

Landmark CrossFit has made a significant and positive impact on my personal and family life. I look forward to many future WODs with the Landmark CrossFit team.”

    review rating 5  I’ve been training at Landmark for about 4-5 months. The gym has a very welcoming atmosphere with an amazing community of people, coaches and members. Highly recommended if you are looking to improve your health, confidence and personal sense of accomplishment. I'm stronger, have way better stamina, endurance, and also feel and look healthier and leaner. The facility and programming are amazing. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, caring and able to adapt the programming for everyone at all fitness levels. Highly recommended!

    thumb Mark Gimenez

    review rating 5  Super supportive staff and peers. Great crew.

    thumb Todor Dossev

    review rating 5  I was working out regularly at Goodlife and decided I wanted something extra for my workouts to take me out of my comfort zone so I decided to try Landmark Crossfit. I love the fact that every workout is different and super challenging. The coaches all provide great one on one teaching to ensure everyone is improving. Our weekday 6am group is super supportive of each other and it helps motivate all of us to take our workouts to the next level. I especially love the partner workouts where you are work out with a team mate - it gets the competitive juices flowing!

    thumb Jeff Kyle

    review rating 5  Landmark Crossfit is a community that I am grateful and proud to be a part of. The atmosphere is unlike that of any other fitness facility . The coaches are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Crossfit, and time is spent with each member during class to work through the progressions for all movements. The background, fitness level, injuries, insecurities, strengths, and goals are considered for each and every member, and with commitment and a positive attitude, progress and accomplishments are undeniable.

    thumb Stephanie Price

    review rating 5  By far the best gym I have attended, Great staff and owners. There is a extremely positive environment that is motivational for individuals looking to get back into shape do just that! Highly recommended

    thumb Yousof Omar

    review rating 5  Without a doubt the best place to be if you are looking to enhance your fitness! The owners Val and Rob, as well as their coaches, have cultivated an atmosphere that is both super supportive and extremely fun. Whatever your fitness level is, I highly recommend you check out Landmark CrossFit!!!!

    thumb Mark Lange

    review rating 5  The coaches at Landmark Crossfit are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They will modify workouts to fit every individuals and educate to lift properly and safely. Also, the equipment is top notch.

    thumb Josee Therriault

    review rating 5  Landmark CrossFit has completely changed the way I work out. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging making it easy to want to come workout every day! The trainers are all knowledgable on proper form, and how to scale workouts so athletes can be challenged but not uncomfortable. Landmark has lots of classes throughout the day with small class sizes so you don't feel crowded when you're working out. When I joined Landmark I was mostly surprised by the age range and how focused the athletes are on reaching their fitness goals. All in all I can't say enough good things, such a great experience!

    thumb Nick Bradley

    review rating 5  Highly recommend if you are in the Ottawa area! I have family in town and come to visit regularly. I first dropped in back in early 2016 which I believe was around when the gym was first opened. Great space, awesome equipment and top notch coaching. I usually am in town once or twice a year and try to get a couple workouts in each time. Always great to see familiar faces and great as well that they remember me despite how infrequently I visit! At some other crossfit gyms it feels super cliquey especially when visiting and you don’t normally have a lot of interaction with members as they simply ignore you, however this box could not be farther from that. I look forward to my visits and try to plan my days in town around visiting Landmark! Looking forward to my next visit already!

    thumb Andrew L

    review rating 5  This is an excellent CrossFit affiliate. High quality, safe coaches who are responsive to their clients' needs, impeccable equipment, great programming, and super friendly members who provide a supportive, come-as-you-are vibe. Both beginner and competitive athletes will find what they need here.

    thumb Jilliane Wade

    review rating 5  This is an excellent CrossFit affiliate. High quality, safe coaches who are responsive to their clients' needs, impeccable equipment, great programming, and super friendly members who provide a supportive, come-as-you-are vibe. Both beginner and competitive athletes will find what they need here.

    thumb Jilliane Wade

    review rating 5  Looking to meet all of your health and fitness goals? I highly recommend Landmark CrossFit. Joining changed my life and was the best decision I ever made. The facility is awesome and filled with new, well maintained equipment (including AC for those hot summer days!). The owners Val and Rob are knowledgeable, invested in your success and provide personal attention each interaction. They are supported by a group of coaches who safely push you to be your best every time. You won’t encounter a more supportive, motivating member community anywhere. In and out of class you’ll be cheered on and encouraged by a group of people who want everyone to succeed! You don’t need to be fit to start CrossFit, you just have to start and I’m so thankful I started at Landmark.

    thumb Cheryl Lathrope

    review rating 5  Landmark Crossfit is the perfect place for anyone wanting to start out in fitness and experienced athletes alike. Rob, Val, and the other coaches are knowledgeable, attentive, and safety oriented. The environment is welcoming and encouraging and provides a great place to reach your goals, whether that be weight loss, getting your first pull-up, or training for a fitness test. Highly recommend Landmark Crossfit for your health and fitness needs!

    thumb Reba C

    review rating 5  If you're new or a vet to CrossFit, landmark is the place for you. After moving from Toronto and already doing CrossFit, I joined landmark and have found that the environment is the best and very inclusive. The coaches care and will ensure that you are performing movements well and are seeing progress! Being around the people here makes you want to come work out and be better. The members are the nicest people around and you will definitely make friends during your time here. Can't recommend it enough.

    thumb Lindsay Palmer

    review rating 5  If you're new or a vet to CrossFit, landmark is the place for you. After moving from Toronto and already doing CrossFit, I joined landmark and have found that the environment is the best and very inclusive. The coaches care and will ensure that you are performing movements well and are seeing progress! Being around the people here makes you want to come work out and be better. The members are the nicest people around and you will definitely make friends during your time here. Can't recommend it enough.

    thumb Lindsay Palmer

    review rating 5  Life changing! I never thought fitness was something I could fall in love with, but Landmark CrossFit showed me the way! Thanks to the great coaching staff, the positive atmosphere, and the hard work put in by all the Landmark athletes, it has me coming back time and time again. Lifting weights has never sucked so GOOD!! Whether you are competitive or just looking to get your sweat on, Landmark is suited for just about anyone. With coaches that genuinely care about everyone that comes through their doors, it is apparent that they are committed to guiding and inspiring people to achieve their fitness goals. All staff are extremely knowledgeable and attentive. If something doesn't look right, they're quick to step in to ensure safe practice, and reduce risk of injury. Everyone is so positive and encouraging, it doesn't matter if you can lift a lot, or a little. Everyone is working within their own abilities, and there is always something or someone to motivate you to push through the mental barriers and keep it moving. I just recently passed my 1 year mark with Landmark CrossFit, and my only regret is that I hadn't started sooner. If you're on the fence, for what ever reason about signing up, I highly suggest giving it a try! Give them a call, try a walk-in. My first class was rough (along with class #2, #3, #4, ...#189, #190...), but it lit the fire to commit to improving my fitness. It was a real eyeopener, and it has been nothing shy of a gratifying journey so far. Huge shout-out to Rob and Val, your dedication and commitment has made Landmark CrossFit truly special! I hope to continue training under you guys for many years to come! Coaches: Brianna, Jasmine, Erik, and Terry, it wouldn't be the same without you guys and I appreciate all that you do! You guys are all so helpful and encouraging. Thank you!

    thumb Robert McNally

    review rating 5  If you want to achieve all your fitness goals this is the place!!!!

    thumb Paul Christopher

    review rating 5  Can’t say enough about Landmark. Over the past 5 months they’ve helped push me to points that I didn’t know I was capable of. Great environment and CrossFit family to be part of! I highly recommend Landmark CrossFit.

    thumb Brendan Rousselle

    review rating 5  I started at Landmark in July of last year and I am loving it! Coaches are very supportive and focused of teaching proper techniques. The equipment is great and the overall set up is very organized. Incredibly supportive community which makes it even more fun to work out!

    thumb Marie de Grandpre

    review rating 5  I strongly recommend this gym for people of all ages and abilities. The coaches really put the emphasis on proper form and technique and the atmosphere is very friendly and supportive.

    thumb Véronique Bergeron

    review rating 5  Great gym for beginners and experienced athletes. The coaches are amazing at teaching proper form and technique Top notch equipment and facility, and a fun crew to train with.

    thumb Paul de Grandpre

    review rating 5  Top of the line equipment, great staff and fun environment!

    thumb Shane Lester

    review rating 5  Best decision you could ever make if you're looking to better yourself not only physically but mentally as well. Couldn't ask for anything more from coaches Val and Rob. Thank you!

    thumb David Ormsby

    review rating 5  I cannot say enough great things about this gym! The gym itself is clean and inviting with top notch equipment. The coaches are certified and experienced athletes that promote all aspects of a healthy lifestyle . They discuss the importance of a proper warm up, pay great attention to technique and skill development as well as proper recovery and nutrition. Whether you are a beginner setting foot in a CrossFit gym for the first time or an experienced CrossFit competitor Rob and Val will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your goals. The members of the gym are so helpful and encouraging and there is a comaraderie amongst the members that I have never experienced before in other gyms! I highly recommend this CrossFit box. Try a class.... you will see what I am talking about!!:)

    thumb Allie Macinnis

    review rating 5  Amazing place and incredible instructors. They take the time to make sure you are feeling comfortable with the exercises and getting the best out of the workout. If you are thinking about joining croossfit this is the best place to join . I can't say enough good things about this place!

    thumb Eric Graf

    review rating 5  I did a personal training session with Rob and Val to help me improve my squat and lower body mobility and it was a fantastic experience! They helped me identify where my issues were coming from, and ran me through some pretty intense movements and stretching to help fix them. Very knowledgeable and friendly, i could tell they really wanted to help me and to see me improve. They gave me lots of advice and feedback, and taught me some stretches i can do on my own as well. It was a very productive experience and I'm very glad I went. And their dog is adorable too!

    thumb David Stewart-Williams

    review rating 5  I joined Landmark CrossFit back in August 2017 and I’m so glad that I did. The atmosphere here is so inclusive, and the members are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve formed more friendships here over the course of 6 months than I did in over 2 years at my last gym. Coach Rob, Val and Terry are amazing at what they do and they really care, and take the time and effort into making sure you get the most out of your workout. This is such a great place and I’m so glad that I found it. Coming here is honestly the highlight of my day, and even though I’ve only been coming for a short period of time it’s made such a difference in my life.

    thumb Kaili Della Valle

    review rating 5  Rob and Val are incredible! Landmark was my first experience with crossfit and my only regret was that I didn't try it sooner. Landmark coaches spend a lot of time with you during your start to make sure you are doing the movements correctly. Incredible place and incredible people.

    thumb Phil Whitham

    review rating 5  Landmark was my first CrossFit experience. The coaches and members have created a fantastic atmosphere which gets you excited to go to class every single time! The programming is awesome and the coaches are extremely knowledgeable. Coach Rob even showed me some additional movements to strengthen weaker muscle groups. The gym is clean, equipment is new & well maintained and the price is competitive As a coop student only in town for 4 months, I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming, energetic & challenging environment. I would definitely recommend this CrossFit box to anyone in the area. The only regret I have is that I couldn’t stay longer. Thanks to Coach Rob, Val, Terry & everyone else for a memorable time!

    thumb Andrew Xu