• Membership Holds

    You must notify us in advance to put your membership on hold. To do so, you are required to fill out our membership hold form and provide the following information to request a hold:

    – Start date of hold and resume date

    – Reason for the hold

    You should have an understanding of the following conditions:

    – All holds must have a definitive start and resume date; resume dates can be extended or terminated if needed as long as you let us know before the original resume date

    – The minimum hold period is 10 days and the maximum hold period is 180 days (equivalent to approximately 6 months)

    – If you do not return to the gym after your set resume date and you did not contact us in advance to extend your hold, your membership will resume as planned and no refunds will be issued

    Holds are only applicable to recurring and prepaid memberships. The 20 class punchcard has a 3-month expiry date and is not subject to holds.

  • Membership Cancellations & Refunds

    To cancel your membership, you are required to fill out our membership cancellation form and provide the following information:

    – Cancellation date

    – Reason for cancellation

    If you are on a recurring membership, you must fill out the cancellation form before your next billing date to cancel. If you fail to do so, your membership will not be cancelled until the following billing date and no refunds will be issued.

    If you are on a 6-month or 1-year prepaid membership and want to cancel, you can fill out the cancellation form before your membership end date to provide us with feedback. If you do not fill out our cancellation form, your prepaid membership will run its course until the commitment period is over and it will not renew. No refunds will be issued for 6-month or 1-year prepaid memberships.

  • Class Reservations & Cancellations

    Members must sign up for class in advance using PushPress Member Portal. If the class is full, members can reserve a spot on the waitlist. When a spot opens up, members on the waitlist will be added to the class automatically based on their position on the waitlist. For example: If two spot open up, the first two people on the waitlist will be added to the class. A text and/or email notification will be sent to the member being added to class.

    Please do not show up to a full class if you are not registered. Due to space and equipment limitations, we will not allow you to attend class.

    Currently, members can register for class 7-days in advance. The deadline to cancel a reservation is at the start of class. As a courtesy, we ask members to cancel their spot as soon as possible if they are unable to make it. Members should cancel their reservation at least 30 minutes before class time. With the 6AM class being one of our most popular class times and to ensure there are no late cancels or no shows, the deadline to cancel for a 6AM class is 12AM (midnight) the night before.

    Our other highly popular class times are 9AM and 10AM on Saturdays. No shows for these classes will be banned for the follow two (2) Saturday mornings

  • Open Gym

    Open gym hours must be adhered to at all times. There is no open gym during class time. If members are working out on their own during class time, they will be asked to stop.