Tara L.

Tara is the definition of hard work and dedication. Since starting CrossFit and the nutrition program with us in 2016, her progress has been unbelievable. She is truly inspiring to all of us.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have gone through cycles of gaining weight and losing some but always gaining it back plus more. A year ago after being frustrated with my performance in the gym I decided to try the nutritional program at Landmark CrossFit. I felt like I needed guidance to achieve the goals I had in mind. I wanted to lose weight, maintain/gain strength and improve my gymnastic skills (pull-ups, toes-to-bar, etc) which I have always struggled with. I had already been doing CrossFit for a while but decided I needed help with my nutrition as I was getting nowhere on my own, still making the wrong choices and not controlling my stressful eating.

I had trouble sleeping and would be tired by mid-day. The nutritional program at Landmark CrossFit changed everything for me. With individual coaching that is specific to your needs as well as the accountability that it brings, I believe it is the best solution for anyone regardless of what your trying to achieve. You meet with a coach at least once a week to check on your progress and discuss any concerns or troubles you may be having. You set goals for yourself and always have someone on your side making sure you are staying on track. I would not have accomplished what I have over the last year without the help of the coaches at Landmark CrossFit.

I have lost just over 70lbs and gone from a tight size 18 (probably more like a 20) to a size 12. Before I had trouble with knee raises but can now do single toes-to-bar. I had to use thick resistance bands to do kipping pull-ups but can now do them unassisted. My endurance has also greatly improved! I used to struggle to finish workouts but now I can finish most within the time cap. These are only some of the changes that have occurred. I also have much more confidence in myself both in the gym and outside the gym.

Not only has the nutritional program been a huge help but the atmosphere and the coaching provided at Landmark CrossFit has greatly impacted my success. The people that surround you are nothing but supportive. I still have a way to go and things I want to achieve but I know with the help of my Landmark CrossFit Family I will be able to achieve anything I put my mind to.”

Chris B.

Chris has been with us since 2016 and has made leaps and bounds in many aspects of his life. Not only has his health improved significantly, he’s the leanest he’s been in over a decade!

“When I first joined I was a suburban guy, overweight, back pain, high blood pressure, mid/late 30s, taking prescription heart burn medication and not exactly looking forward to positive health outcomes. Fast forward 9 months and I have lost 30lbs of fat, gained muscle, no longer taking prescription stomach meds (or any meds for that matter!), my back is stronger than ever and pain free and, for the first time in 5 years, my doctor has confirmed that I have normal blood pressure.

People are constantly asking me what I’m doing because of the changes they are seeing in my body and in my energy levels. I am no longer high risk for a host of health problems and can say quite literally that Landmark CrossFit has added years to my life.”

Suzanne S.

Suzanne is kind of a big deal. She ran 7 marathons on 7 different continents! She started doing CrossFit with us in August 2017 and has been making huge improvements since. She recently told us that she hadn’t been running for a while but decided to go for a 5km a few weeks after CrossFit. She surprised herself when she beat her old personal record!

“I’ve been a runner for almost 12 years now. After becoming the 13th woman in Canada to run 7 marathons on 7 continents last spring, I was looking for a good way to keep my fitness level up while giving my leg muscles a break from running. I discovered Landmark CrossFit this summer, where I now attend classes twice a week. CrossFit is a perfect combination of cardio and strength training and is already improving my performance during my runs.”

Benjamin C.

Ben is one of our competitive athletes and is one of the hardest workers we know. He comes from a high level wrestling background and has recently transitioned to CrossFit as his competitive sport.

“Some of the best things that happen to us in life are the things we accidentally stumble upon. One event in my life that I have overwhelming gratitude for is stumbling upon CrossFit. I’ve wrestled since 8th grade. I always dreamed of becoming an Olympian and saw that as the ultimate end goal in order to walk away with a grin on my face.

When I first started CrossFit, I just wanted get in better shape for wrestling, never thinking of doing CrossFit competitively or one day go to the Games. As the months went by, I found myself having endless anticipation to go do the next WOD rather than going to wrestling practice.

Last May, I was supposed to go back to Winnipeg to continue my academic studies and wrestling career. Surprisingly my team’s funding was cut, leaving me pondering which school to go to continue wrestling. A thought then occurred to me that I at first suppressed: stay in Ottawa and do CrossFit competitively. As each day passed, the idea grew on me, leading me to the decision of me following through with this new and exciting adventure.

The thing was, beginning a new sport means starting all over again. I had gone so far in wrestling – it was hard to step away. I may not have originally had the knowledge about CrossFit but I possessed traits, life lessons and knowledge from wrestling that I could apply to CrossFit. One of the hardest things to develop and one of the most important ingredients to a recipe for success is an extremely hardworking mentality. Developing a strong mentality is one of the most undervalued and overlooked thing that you need to be a successful athlete. Very few put time into goal setting, detailed visualization and a concrete pre-competition routine. The point is, training your mind is as important, if not more important than training your physical attributes. This is what will carry me to now achieve my new goal of going to the CrossFit Games.”

Jasmine B.

Jasmine, our Nutrition Coach, started her CrossFit journey with us in 2016. Although her shoulder mobility continues to be something she works on, she is dedicated to improving her fitness one step at a time.

“When I started CrossFit I thought that my lack of strength was going to be my most limiting ability. Little did I know that mobility was actually the biggest obstacle I would face. It didn’t take long for the coaches to notice that the range of motion in my shoulders was VERY limited. I couldn’t do anything that required an overhead position. I would also later learn that my spine was stiff and my flexibility was lacking there as well.

Rob showed me some stretches and exercises and also told me about a Registered Massage Therapist that he thought might be able to help, Danny Laramee. I saw Danny right away and immediately saw improvement in my tightness and mobility. But the improvement was minuscule. Danny said it would be like water on stone, it was going to take time and A LOT of work to get my shoulders where I wanted them to be. So, I got to work! I went into the gym early or stayed late almost every day and did the exercises that Rob and Danny had showed me. It’s taken A LONG time and A LOT of work, but I can snatch and overhead squat, which I honestly thought I would never be able to do. I’ve also rid myself of tension headaches which were a common occurrence. I still have a lot work to do, but I’ve come a long way. I’ve also learned that flexibility is just as important as strength if you want to keep up with the amazing people at our box.”