Rob Lalonde

Tel: 613-864-6365

CREDENTIALS• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
• CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids
• CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting
• Metabolic Analytics Practitioner – Level 1 & Level 2
• Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Squat & Deadlift
• Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Pressing & Chin Ups
• Freestyle Connection Seminar w/ Carl Paoli

Helping people is Rob’s passion.  In his mid-teens, he began to take a keen interest in lifting weights and gradually his appreciation and understanding of physical fitness and nutrition began to grow. He has seen the difference that these changes could make in people of all ages and it was this realization that pushed him to pursue fitness as a career.  In 2012 Rob opened a small personal training studio and began sharing what he had learned.

In 2013 he was introduced to CrossFit. Unlike a lot of the training methodologies that he was familiar with, CrossFit had an energy to it that he hadn’t felt before. It wasn’t long before Rob decided that he too wanted to share this great training experience with more people and Landmark CrossFit was born.

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to help facilitate a positive change in someone’s life and he hopes to do his part every single day.

Val Hoang

Tel: 613-878-0303

CREDENTIALS• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
• CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids
• NCCP Weightlifting Coach (in training)
• Freestyle Connection Seminar w/ Carl Paoli

Val grew up playing basketball and touch football in high school and has always loved sports. She found CrossFit in the fall of 2012 after a friend mentioned it to her and was quickly hooked. With a keen eye for movement and genuine sense of helping others, she got her L1 certificate in 2014 and began coaching at the CrossFit box she was attending.

Val was drawn to the Olympic weightlifting portion of CrossFit from day one and I guess you can say she found her calling. She started competing competitively in Olympic weightlifting in 2014 and was competing at the National level. She placed 2nd at Provincials and 4th at Nationals in her weight class (53kg) the following year.

Since retiring from the competition scene, she enjoys impromptu workouts with friends and jumping into class with our members. She believes that having fun is a huge part in successfully achieving your goals.

Val is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and a CrossFit Kids & Teens Trainer. Her enthusiasm and outgoing personality makes her extremely easy to work with and no matter how big or small your fitness goals are, she is always happy to help you achieve them. She likes to dish out a little tough love but it’s for your own good.

Luc Belanger


CREDENTIALS•CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
• Freestyle Connection Seminar w/ Carl Paoli

Luc’s athletic background began in the martial arts world. After 15 years of Tae Kwon Do he learned that discipline is a key component to making significant change in one’s life. Following my martial arts years, he acquired a taste for cycling and running, and expanded my understanding of the relationship between fitness and nutrition.

After being introduced to CrossFit at a free trial class in 2012, Luc was instantly hooked. By combining his discipline, his desire for life-long fitness and his knowledge of nutrition, CrossFit has been become both his passion and his “life sport”.  Soon after beginning his CrossFit lifestyle, Luc took the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification to deepen his understanding and knowledge about the mechanics of CrossFit and to allow him to share his enthusiasm with those around him. This year, having completed the CrossFit Level 2 certification Luc has gone even further in his knowledge of CrossFit.

His own journey in CrossFit has led to his desire to help others achieve their own goals. In addition to CrossFit certifications, Luc has earned the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification through the International Coaching Federation. He has witnessed first hand the impact a coach can have on someone who is willing, capable, and has the desire to create lasting change in their life, whether in their fitness, business, or another goal. Becoming a CrossFit coach has been one more step towards his pursuit of self-development and  passion for helping and supporting others.

Now in his 5th year as a CrossFitter, he takes great pride in demonstrating that commitment, discipline and hard work are key components to success. His personal journey has transformed him in both body and mind and led him from a 1534th place finish in the worldwide CrossFit Open 40-44 age class in 2014 to 488th in 2016. His goal next year is to be in the top 200 and then participate in the qualifiers for the CrossFit Games.

What’s your goal?

Terry Walker


CREDENTIALS•CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Terry grew up on the rinks in Northern Ontario and has always had a passion for all things sports. From competitive hockey to football to years at local gyms, he has always been fascinated with fitness.

Around 2007, Terry stumbled across the website, he remembers trying to wrap his head around their concept and Olympic Lifts, and adapted in his training the simple concept of working out with minimum breaks between sets. As the years went by he never considered that CrossFit had expanded out of the California garage gym scene and it wasn’t until newly acquired friends mentioned that they did CrossFit here in Ottawa that those memories were triggered and he was instantly hooked.

His love for learning, fitness and a good physical and mental challenge has made CrossFit his passion. He had the opportunity to take the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification soon after his CrossFit lifestyle started in 2015, and enjoy the gratification of learning new movements and challenging both himself and others to dig a little deeper. He also love the CrossFit community where there is always someone encouraging you to complete one more rep, sharing the excitement when someone learns a new movement or hit a long chased personal record.

His full time profession has allowed him to learn and develop his leadership skills, while his desire to help others succeed with their goals and dreams now has crept outside the corporate world. After some recent difficult life situations for his family, he knew that he needed to follow that calling into the fitness world and use his experiences, training, and passion to help others reach their fitness and mental goals. Becoming a CrossFit trainer has been an extremely rewarding experience for Terry, and he looks forward to supporting and challenging everyone to reach limits which they never thought was possible.

Annika Bunkis


CREDENTIALS• Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

Annika is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher with a background in powerlifting and competitive figure skating. She competed competitively in figure skating for many years, and achieved her Gold Level of Skating Skills (highest level offered by Skate Canada). Though Annika is relatively new to CrossFit, she does have a strong background in strength training. In high school she was introduced to the gym while playing varsity rugby, ultimately sparking her passion for lifting weights. During University, Annika got a job working at the school gym where she was introduced to the sport of powerlifting and trained under top level powerlifters. At the start of 2017, Annika completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course with a goal of becoming a more well rounded athlete and a more mindful human being. She is very excited to share what she has learned with everyone at Landmark CrossFit. Annika believes that yoga is one of the most beneficial things that anyone can do to improve only their athletic performance, but help their personal growth as well.

At Landmark CrossFit, Annika works to create a yoga class in tune with what the athletes have been training that week. Each class is unique and geared to help recovery, improve mobility, and increase flexibility. The class is open to all levels of yogis. She is very excited to join the Landmark Crossfit family and is looking forward to seeing everyone not only at yoga, but also during the week at CrossFit classes.

Favourite Yoga Pose: Malasana (Yogi Squat)

Favourite Lift: Conventional Deadlift