Show up. Especially if you’re new, make sure you hold yourself accountable and show up consistently. Even if you’re already good at this whole CrossFit thing, show up and do the work because there’s always room for improvement somewhere. Being consistent is the key to making progress. If you sign up for class, you’re coming to class.

Don’t be late. If you arrive on time, you’re late. We start class and end class on time because we know how busy people are and we respect that. Show up 10 minutes before class to give yourself time to go to the bathroom, get changed, or do additional warm up… And you won’t be late.

Leave your ego at home. You are not here to impress anyone. You’re here to get into shape and become a better version of you. If your coach tells you to take some weight off the bar because your form is lacking, listen. Let’s remember that there are 10 year old gymnasts out there who can perform multiple strict muscle ups on any given day and teens who are warming up with your maxes.

Clean up after yourself. If you use something, please put it back where it belongs once you’re done with it. If you bleed on anything, make sure you wipe it up with the sterilizer spray. Additionally, please pick up your used tape, band-aids, water bottles, towels, etc.

Respect the equipment. Do not drop empty barbells and do not drop the barbell if there are only 10lb bumpers on them – this can significantly shorten their lifespan and for obvious reasons we would like to avoid this. Only drop the barbell if there are 15lb+ bumpers on it. Do not drop kettlebells or dumbbells. These things can bounce and land on someone else’s limbs or go right through our wall. Limbs and walls are expensive.

Respect your peers. Everyone has different reasons for attending class. What really matters is that you have all made the commitment to improving your health and fitness. Be kind to each other and show your support wherever possible.

Have some bumper plate etiquette. Use the appropriate bumper plates as you add weight to your barbell. Do not use a bunch of 10lb bumpers when you can use the bigger bumpers. For example, do not use four 10lb bumpers and two 5lb plates (total of 25lbs on each side of the bar) when you can simply use two 25lb bumpers.

Lift heavy. To get strong, you have to lift heavy. If your coach tells you the weight is too easy for you, they’re probably right. Push yourself and you’ll see the results.

Leave the chalk in the chalk bucket. Please do not take pieces of chalk out of the bucket to your workspace and leave it on the floor or draw on the floor to keep track of your reps/rounds. Help us reduce chalk clean up.

Do not cheat. We like to have friendly competition amongst ourselves but please don’t cheat. If you lose count, you start back at 1. It’s better to do more than less. If you cheat your score, you’re only cheating yourself.

If something hurts, stop. There is a big difference between “uncomfortable” and “wow, this is really hurting”. Let us know if something doesn’t feel right. We do not encourage “working through injury” to complete a WOD.

Talk to us. If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask or discuss with us. We want you to enjoy being here so if there is something we can improve on, let us know.