• What’s involved in a typical CrossFit class?

    What Is CrossFit?

  • I’d like to try CrossFit but I find it intimidating…

    Believe it or not, almost everyone feels that way before they try it for themselves. You may have seen videos of the top CrossFit athletes doing incredible things or you may have doubts about your own abilities and that’s perfectly okay.

    As CrossFit coaches, we’re here to help every single person that walks through our doors. Our members are some of the most kind and friendly people out there and they won’t hesitate to give you a warm welcome or a helping hand.

    We’re all in this together and we would love to have you join us.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Not much. If you have some athletic shoes, a water bottle, shorts and a t-shirt, you’ll be just fine. CrossFit doesn’t require that you buy a whole bunch of equipment in order to participate in the workouts, however if you want to have the best experience, there are a few items that would make for a wise investment. We have compiled a list of “CrossFit essentials” that you can find here.

  • Do I need to be fit to do CrossFit?

    The short answer is no – anyone can do CrossFit. Whether you’re young or old, in shape or inactive, you can enjoy the benefits of doing CrossFit. If you’re already fit then great, you’ll improve your fitness and we can help you work on any weaknesses you think you may have. CrossFit is also a great way to get introduced to fitness as it is a well rounded program that will increase not only your strength and conditioning but your confidence as well.

  • Is CrossFit dangerous?

    No. CrossFit is only dangerous when you have bad coaching or an ego too big for your own shoes. We believe in performing movements in a safe and effective manner – in the correct manner.

    Our coaches do not allow more weight to be added to the barbell if someone is not moving well. This is what scaling is for. There is no shame in decreasing the weight on the barbell to allow you to move better and safely. The only person you have to compete with at the gym is yourself.

    Additionally, it is important to listen to your body. If something hurts and does not feel right, let your coach know and stop what you’re doing.

  • What if I have old injuries?

    You’re certainly not alone! One of the greatest things about CrossFit is that all of the movements are scalable. If you have an old nagging injury or something hurts, we’ll help you find a better suited safe alternative to keep you on your path towards fitness & health.

    Again, if anything hurts during the workout, let your coach know and stop what you’re doing. We do not believe in pushing through injury.

  • What if I’m too old to workout at high intensity?

    Are you really too old for anything? What is old?

    Anyone can be an athlete here at Landmark CrossFit. We do not expect a 55 year old parent of 4 to jump right in and push as hard as the person who’s been doing CrossFit for 4+ years. Instead, we’ll help them scale their workouts appropriately to allow them to push themselves to their limits. As they become more fit and their work capacity increases, you better believe they’ll push just as hard as any CrossFit veteran at the box. No matter where you start, improvement should always be the goal. Be better than you were yesterday!

  • CrossFit seems like it’s expensive…

    At first glance it may appear that your membership at the local big box gym is a bargain but if you’re struggling to see results and are lacking a sense of direction, it is likely nothing but a waste of your time and money. Typically your next best option would be to sign up for personal training.

    To put things into perspective: your average personal training session at a commercial gym or a private studio can range from $40 – $80 per hour. If you planned on training 3 days per week you’d be looking at paying anywhere between $480 – $960 per month.

    Our memberships range between $140-$175 per month and give you the freedom to attend as often as you’d like.

    Our classes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants ensuring that everyone gets the appropriate level of attention and coaching. We take care of the workout programming, provide constant feedback and provide an atmosphere that you just won’t find at your typical commercial gym.

  • What if I already have a membership with another gym?

    Don’t be sad, we have a solution! We’ll cover the cost of your cancellation fee. All you need to do is show us proof of cancellation and we’ll deduct the cancellation fee off of your first month’s payment. ($150 maximum)

    Please contact us for more information.

  • What’s the best way to get additional information or book a consultation?

    Whatever you’re comfortable with. If you hate talking on the phone or think face to face conversation is awkward then just drop us an email or use our free trial page. If you want to come visit and check out our facilities, please feel free to drop by anytime – We’ll give you a tour! Any way you want to reach us, we’ll provide you with as much information as you need! Don’t be shy!