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First and foremost, we’re here to help you succeed.

Our workouts are as FUN as they are CHALLENGING.

We PRACTICE skills as much as we TRAIN them.

And we grow as people, TOGETHER.


Meet our staff, discuss your goals, and come up with a plan to achieve them.

No gimmicks. No pressure. We’re here to help!


"Best decision you could ever make if you're looking to better yourself not only physically but mentally as well."
Dave O.
"Over the past 5 months they’ve helped push me to points that I didn’t know I was capable of."
Brendan R.
"Not only are they highly knowledgable and professional coaches, the atmosphere in their gym is energetic, fun, and so encouraging."
Lena B.
"The atmosphere here is so inclusive, and the members are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met."
Kaili D.


A very big congrats to two of our gym members, Tyler and Meaghan, on getting engaged this week 💑. Here’s a fun fact, they met at Landmark CrossFit during a Saturday morning class. The rest is history! We couldn’t be more excited for them. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and endless adventures! ...

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If you're struggling to find the ultimate gift for a family member or friend this holiday season, you've come to the right place. We offer a Crash Course beginner's program which includes three 1-on-1 training sessions to learn fundamental movements and CrossFit methodology followed by a month of unlimited CrossFit classes. Give the gift of health and fitness to kickstart their 2020 year! Check out the link in our bio. ...

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Sunday’s are for meal prep! It doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t take as much time as you think. Prep for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks or just the meals you know you’ll be short on time to make. One of our personal favourites is jambalaya! What’s yours? ...

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It’s not all about smashing big weights and rolling around on the floor after an intense workout. We all work hard so it’s important to have fun! If you’ve ever been to one of Coach Terry’s Saturday morning classes, you know it starts off with a warmup game to make you feel like you’re in gym class again. Join in on the fun with us! ...

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It's #weaknesswednesday! Are you working on your ring muscle-ups? Here's a great progression to try out! We know it as the "Jackie Chan" progression. Set the low rings up so you can lay flat on your back, bring the knees to the chest, and kick to open the hips aggressively. Once you land in the bottom of the dip position, press to lockout the rep. If you feel good, you can land in the bottom of the dip with your feet off the floor! ...

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Here at Landmark CrossFit, the last one to finish the workout will always get the loudest cheers because we geniunely want to see each other thrive. We are all about supporting our peers to achieve their fitness goals! Think we might be a good fit for you? Book a free consultation with us today so we can help you reach your goals (link in bio)! ...

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Dave smashed his Open goals this year. Seriously. He PR’d his clean, got his first RX handstand push-up and his first ring muscle-up! This was a result of going to at least 5 classes a week and putting in the work consistently. Congrats to Dave on an outstanding performance this Open! 💪 ...

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Great times during the #crossfitopen2020 but we’re ready to get back to our regular routine and attack our weaknesses! 💪 💪 ...

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If they can do it, YOU can do it. Book a FREE consultation today!

If it’s worth doing, it’s going to be difficult. Embrace the suck!

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